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  • List contact information for primary representative of data\service provider, transportation agency, and any other organization involved.


  • The background will include the purpose and expected outcomes of the project. This will serve as communication to ensure the service provider understands the intent of the transportation agency for data acquisition and the transportation agency understands what is feasible.
  • The intended application(s) and user(s) of the data should be discussed.

Project Location

  • Insert graphic or link to project limits and annotations for areas of special consideration. Note the sections of interest, and estimated length of project (including interchanges, ramps, etc.).
  • Type of highway to be surveyed (interstate, urban highway, rural highway, etc.)

Agency Standard References

  • List references (such as this Guidelines document and FGDC 1998) that will be followed for completion of the work.

Professional Licensure Expectations

  • Does the work require a Professional Land Surveyor, Professional Engineer, and/or Certified Photogrammetrist.

Resources to be provided by transportation agency

  • What the data provider can expect from the transportation agency such as road access (e.g., rolling slow down, control points, etc.).


  • Details on equipment to be used and expertise of service provider.

Work Plan

Task 1. Project Management

  • Coordination (Meetings, Teleconferences, Milestone reviews)
  • Budget (Tracking, Reporting)
  • Schedule (Tracking, Reporting) – should include field and office processing timeframes.
  • Quality Management Report
  • Progress Reports
  • Survey Narrative Report
  • Calibration requirements

Task 2  Project Planning

  • Data Collection Plan (Survey Control, Collection Routes, GNSS Constellation Review, etc.)
  • Safety Plan (Emergency Contacts, Daily safety assessment, Traffic concerns, etc.)

Task 3  Horizontal/Vertical Control

  • Coordinate System used including Horizontal and Vertical Datum  and Units
  • Description of existing control expectations including monumentation, reference networks, GPS baseline lengths, etc.
  • Survey Control Report

Task 4  Mobile Scanning Collection and Processing

  • Point cloud accuracy and resolution expectations (Data collection category)
  • Point cloud deliverable format (including whether RGB and Intensity values are needed).
  • Imagery requirements
  • Processing techniques

Task 5 Mapping/Modeling

  • Data formats required for deliverables
  • Extracted Points with attributes (classification)
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • 2D or 3D linework/shapefiles
  • 3D solid model
  • Software formats
  • Viewing software, if needed.

Project Schedule\Timeline

  • Graphic showing when each task will occur, including start and completion dates.

Delivery Schedule

  • When and where products should be delivered.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Discussion on what must be met for payment and if a pay scale will be used.
  • Who will perform the QA/QC work (data provider, transportation agency, or external)?
  • Accuracy should be reported following the FGDC standards.


  • Discussion of costs involved with the project and how payments will be made.


Acronyms and Definitions