E-Learning Modules

Welcome to the E-Learning page. These modules were developed to provide an interactive learning tool for selected content published in NCHRP Report 748. These modules are NOT meant to serve as a comprehensive reference to the Guidelines document. There are a total of five modules and each is targeted to be approximately 1/2 hour in duration. The modules are geared toward DOT management, however, technical staff are also encouraged to take advantage of them.

Module I: Overview

  • Describes the purpose of the NCHRP Guidelines for the Use of Mobile LIDAR in Transportation Applications document and how to locate resources in the document
  • Identifies how mobile LIDAR systems (MLS) can be used by various divisions of a transportation agency
  • Identifies the critical factors to consider when implementing MLS technology
  • Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Module II: Understanding mobile LIDAR technology

  • Explains how MLS technology works
  • Describes the advantages/limitations of MLS technology
  • Identifies the general workflow of MLS acquisition and processing
  • Identifies the implications for decision-making as a result of the the evolving nature of MLS technology
  • Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Module III: Mobile LIDAR procurement

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the issues involved in determining whether MLS is appropriate for a project
  • Locates materials in the Guidelines document that support their decision-making process
  • Illustrates the cost considerations for using MLS technology
  • Explains the general decisions involved in each of the categories that make up a Scope of Work document
  • Identifies potential MLS deliverables and when each is most appropriate
  • Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Module IV: Data Management

  • Explains the importance of good data management practices
  • Describes the advantages of centralized data management, organizational data mining and the importance of planning ahead to accommodate data mining
  • Explains the general issues of data storage
  • Identifies best practices for addressing the challenges of managing complex data sets and the information generated
  • Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Module V: Quality Management

  • Explains fundamentals of data accuracy, precision, and resolution
  • Explains the complexities and capabilities of MLS technology
  • Describes appropriate quality control procedures
  • Identifies ways to ensure that deliverables meet application requirements
  • Estimated Time: 30 minutes