Webinar 2: Management Considerations and Decision Making for Mobile LIDAR Use in Transportation

For an audio recording of the webinar click HERE


  • Dr. Michael Olsen, Oregon Sate University
  • Dr. Gene Roe, MPN Components/LiDARnews.com
  • Marcus Reedy, David Evans and Associates


  • Ed Harrigan, National Academy of Sciences

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how Mobile LIDAR systems (MLS) can be used by various divisions of a transportation agency
  • Identify the general workflow of MLS acquisition and processing
  • Recognize the implications for decision-making of the evolving nature of MLS technology
  • Identify the critical factors and procedures to consider when implementing MLS technology
  • Describe the advantages of organizational data mining and the importance of planning ahead to accommodate data mining

Content Outline:

  • Overview of Guidelines document
  • The Range of Applications for Mobile LIDAR
  • Typical Workflow for Mobile LIDAR collection, processing, and deliverables
  • Technology Procurement Considerations
  • A Plan for Implementation of Mobile LIDAR in Organizations
  • Data Management and Mining
  • Summary\Wrap-up\Upcoming efforts