Webinar 1: Guidelines for the Use of Mobile LIDAR in Transportation Applications

For an audio recording of the webinar click HERE


  • Dr. Michael Olsen, Oregon Sate University
  • Dr. Gene Roe, MPN Components/LiDARnews.com
  • Dr. Craig Glennie, University of Houston
  • Dr. Fred Persi, Persi Consulting
  • Marcus Reedy, David Evans and Associates


  • Ed Harrigan, National Academy of Sciences

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine how Mobile LIDAR can be appropriately used for a variety of transportation applications
  • Integrate Mobile LIDAR into workflows and operations
  • Communicate project needs (including accuracy and point density requirements) clearly through well-defined scope of work.
  • Identify system capabilities and limitations

Content Outline:

  • Project Objectives and Motivation
  • Establish Baseline
  • Management Considerations
  • Applications
  • Data Collection Categories
  • Decision Flow Chart
  • Benefit\Cost
  • Implementation Plan
  • Technical Considerations
  • Factors Affecting Accuracy
  • Data Management
  • Deliverables and Documentation
  • Conclusions